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Knightsbridge is steeped in history with its first reference as a crossing over the now underground flowing River Westbourne in 1141.

870 years later, Knightsbridge forms one of the finest residential areas in London, along with world class shopping and restaurants, as befits an area intended as one of only two International Centres under the London Plan.

Knightsbridge loosely links Belgravia to Kensington & Chelsea with the vast open spaces of Hyde Park forming the northern boundary.

There is a rich contrast of properties such as the brick fronted Brompton Square (1821), the white stucco houses of Egerton Crescent (1849), the Queen Anne Revival buildings in Cadogan Square (1877) and the glass towers of One Hyde Park as recently as 2010.

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Basil Street Practice

Basil Street Practice
3 basil Street
Phone: 020 7235 6642
The Basil Street Practice is a private family general practice which has a fee based appointment system.

BH Health

HB Health
12 Beauchamp Place
Phone: 020 7838 0765
HB Health is committed to helping individuals enhance the quality of their life , through 21st century medicine and anti-ageing technologies.

Knightsbridge Medical centre

Knightsbridge Medical centre
71-75 Pavilion Road
Phone: 020 8237 2600
General practice.

The Private Clinic of Harley Street

The Private Clinic of Harley Street
43 Hans Place
Phone: 0800 599 9911
Private, non invasive cosmetic and medical treatments.

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