Why us?

Whether you are a London property owner looking to sell - either downsizing, upsizing, relocating to the country or abroad. An international buyer looking to invest in the London market or for a place to stay when based in London. A London resident moving aboard due to work secondment but likely to return - perhaps wanting to sell and buy something smaller for visits or rent while you are away. We are able to offer a comprehensive service.

  • We have an International client base spanning over 50 countries
  • We talk to buyers from all over the world matching their criteria with London properties
  • 70% of our clients are International
  • We facilitate the process involved in UK property acquisition for overseas buyers
  • We are able to give your property global exposure to a wide range of international investors

Far less of an issue now due to the internet and if a client is looking they will find a property via the portals or our website. We know all the relos and they know us so there is constant dialogue with them. A very well established firm in Belgravia who also provide advice to Grosvenor Estate and Crown Estate the main freeholders in the areas of our focus

The internet has really levelled the playing field for the smaller agent against the larger firms.

Most potential buyers, at whatever price level, are likely to do their initial search for a property using one of the portals. At the higher end they may employ someone else to do it for them, but the portals are the usual first port of call.

We feature on these as much as our competition. This is proved by the global response we get to properties we put on the portals. From the Far East to the West Coast of the USA, they contact us from anywhere.


About us

Our aim is to deliver the same level of service in estate agency as you would expect from our professions.  Understanding, discretion and reliability is as much a part of our service as it is a lawyer’s or accountant’s